We are DataPacket

It started with an idea...

... to bring bandwidth-hungry applications closer to their end users. We knew the demand for reliable dedicated server providers exceeds the supply. Having years of experience in similar industries ourselves, we were sure we can do better than the big players.

Most dedicated server providers...

... were not hard to outperform. Slow and poorly trained customer support, dubious routing and an insufficient choice of data center locations were our main drivers. Not a long time after we started, we were successful in offering these key missing features for an even more demanding market.

And we wanted to offer more...

... to our customers. At the time when 1Gbps dedicated server uplink was considered an industry standard, we were the first to provide truly unshared and unmetered 10Gbps bandwidth. DataPacket's main mission remains delivering data to end users with the highest speed and efficiency possible.

20data centers with 6000+ physical servers
5 yearssince we’ve launched
18 Tbps+upstream capacity
40+team members

You are in the forefront

We believe that the essential ingredient to customer satisfaction in our industry is outstanding support right at your fingertips, when you need it the most. Short response times and trained professionals ready to help and give you advice are our core strenghts. We also believe that transparent communication is key toward customer trust.

Throughout all the channels, we stay clear and open about our pricing, monthly plans, performance and other decisive factors during the customer’s buying process.

Meet the team

Head of Sales
Head of Account Managers
Head of Operations
Network Architect

Who relies on us